Woodworking tool Upgrade. How to make trimmer(router) lift. build trimmer lift. Making router lift.

I’m Uncle Carpenter. Today, You will learn how to make a trimmer(router) lift, which many people have been curious about. I used to have a trimmer lift that I used to use, but I upgraded to create a new and more practical trimmer lift. Please subscribe, like and press the alarm before you watch the video. Comparison of existing trimmer lift with reworked trimmer lift. First, think figure out how to make it and make a rough design. This time, I chose this shape. Core parts are made of 30T birch plywood. Mark the part with the gap of the saw blade by the width of the saw blade. Mark on both sides where the trimmer will be mounted. Mark where the bearing and lead screw will be mounted. To cut a curve using a band saw, first cut it several times in a straight line and then cut the curve. Mark the position where the linear bearing and lead screw nut are fitted. Disassemble the reduction motor and manufacture the shaft using the lead screw. Make the inside shape of the shaft the same. It works like this. Next is the production of the appearance frame. Insufficient plate materials are aggregated using rubberwood plates. For reference, you can check the Dowelling jig production video that you use now on my channel. I accidentally made the top and middle plates the same size, but reworked the top plate 15 mm inward to the thickness of the plate. Be careful not to make mistakes. The 3mm grooves are made to prevent sagging. Holes in the middle plate and top plate should be drilled about 20mm larger than the trimmer body for good dust collection. Next, cut the lead screw and the 10 mm stainless round rod into 200 mm lengths. Make a stop hole to fix the lead screw nut. A 6mm screw hole is made using a tapping bit. Finally assembly time. Connect the round bar and join the core, it is almost complete. It works exactly fine. This is the most pleasant time. Reinforce the top plate. The front side is equipped with polycarbonate so that the inside can be easily checked in case of failure. Install 65mm PVC pipe elbow for dust collector hose fastening. Along with Uncle carpenter’s logo, laser marking the names of the various buttons. Each button uses a 19mm metal switch. Having a wiring terminal is cleaner, and you will have to work again later. Anyway, I think my head was too complicated. Made perfectly. All you have to do is mount it. The existing trimmer lift was removed and mounted in the same position. Originally, I’m going to make it brighter by putting LED lights inside. But the courier doesn’t arrive, so I’ll work on it next time. I’m going to upload a tree header video with the addition of an LED light next time. Today, the trimmer(router) lift has been completed, which boasts the highest accuracy and quality. If you enjoyed the video today, please subscribe, like and press the alarm. See you in the next video.

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