Would You Modify A Kia Stinger? | From The Gallery EP.44

– What is going on everyone? Gels from Fitment Industries,
and I am here with- – Dakota from Fitment Industries. – And? – Erik from Fitment Industries. – So
– Woo! We’re back with another
episode of “From the Gallery,” where we take your guys’
rides from the gallery over at fitmentindustries.com. – Boom.
– Look ’em over. Give ’em a quick rate, one to 10. Talk about ’em, all
that kind of good stuff. – Let’s do it.
– There it is. So, before we go ahead and get into it, don’t forget to add
your car to the gallery if you wanna be featured
in an upcoming episode. Erik, you wanna give ’em the little? – Oh, wa-wab-wab-wab-wab.
– There. Fitmentindustries.com/ad
is what that just said. I spaced out for a second. And then shoot us an email,
[email protected] with the subject line “Review My Ride”, we’ll put it into the spreadsheet, get it on the list, all
that sort of good stuff. So.
– Bringo. – Anything else?
– That’s it. – Bringo.
– Let’s start her. – All right. First car, we have a 2014 Honda Accord on some Weds Kranze Cerberus, – [Dakota] Oh, this is interesting! – [Gels] LI, 18×10 – [Dakota] 18×10
– [Gels] +22. Some Federal Tires, air lift performance, air suspension, now
this is HIS_ACCORD_THO’s – [Dakota] Acura Accord-
– [Erik] Bless you. – [Dakota] So, Underscored between the whole thing for Instagram reasons. – No spacers, fenders rolled and pulled. Ah, we got a whole bunch
of stuff going on here. We got some interior details,
exterior stuff going on. Looks like some, little bit of aero, actually quite a bit of aero,
(laughs) didn’t even see it. – [Dakota] Yeah.
– [Gels] I didn’t see the, the back of this thing! Oh my god!
– [Dakota] Yeah buddy! – [Gels] I’m a little nervous. – [Dakota] Oh boy. – [Erik] All right.
– [Gels] All right. So right off the bat here, we got the lip kit going around, looks like we got some splitters, front splitters, side
splitters, I’m sure we got a diffuser in here somewhere, and then to the whole chassis mount wing. – I don’t know about all that- – A little swan neck, – Wing.
– chassis mount wing. – I don’t know about all that. – Looks like he’s got
just a, a nice little, a nice little compact- – I don’t mind the conservative
set-up on the air trunk. – Yeah, it looks like you get
some good use out of like the, it looks like you gets a good
use out of the trunk still for whatever, you know-
– Yeah. – whatever you could fit in there. – Can he open the trunk
with the Chassis Mount wing? – [Gels] That is- – I mean he took a picture of
it, so there has to be a way. – [Erik] It’s going to
smash into that thing. – [Gels] That is the question. I would like, I would like to know. (laughter) – I would imagine- I would imagine not.
– No I’m sure you- No you gotta be able to. He has a picture of the trunk, Jesus. – I don’t know, like. – I know some of them, like, tilt back. – Yeah, some of them come
back, and it could be. – Like they have a bolt
you can take out and it’ll- – And it looks like maybe
that might be the case. Alright so just get into it a little bit the aero, like around the
bottom of it I really like the chassis mount wing I know that’s like the big thing on this car. Couple angles doesn’t look too bad but overall I think, I think it’s just a little much personally. (gasps) I know,
– [Erik] A little much sauce. – [Gels] kill me. I think the fad has just
fallen out a little bit and maybe, maybe if it was,
dare I say, wide-bodied or something like that, it might have might have flowed a little better, I think it’s just a little too aggressive but that’s just my personal take on it. Overall I think the car
itself is done pretty well. The fitment looks really good, I think the wheels are a good choice. I know they’re not really for everybody, especially that style, but overall the suspension setup, the wheel set up, I think is really good, it’s just that the rain guards and the big
wing just take away from it. – [Dakota] You just throw
the rain guards in there. – I’m not a fan of rain guards I never- – I’m guessing it’s this bad boy. – I think that a rain
guards can look decent I mean they’re, are they,
they’re more functional I suppose they’re kind
of for looks a little bit but it’s so just you don’t
get rain in your car bro. – I mean why you got your
windows down when it’s raining? – I love driving with my
windows down, like always. – Yeah that’s true. – Always.
– We know that. – I get that, I get that. – I don’t even smoke. – See that’s what I always
think, like, any time, like I worked at a O’Reilly’s, any time someone came in for rain guards, it’s like, I could literally just like, “Yeah, can I get some
rain guards for me F150?” I was like (beep) buddy, like Jesus! God! You didn’t have to, like, you know put one out right before you came in here. – You go in the truck and it already smells like a cigarette. You already know he had
been smoking in there before the rain guards. – Yeah. All right Erik, what are your thoughts? – Um, I think its pretty clean. Um, I definitely like the fitment on this. I’m going to come out and say it. I’m not a fan of the wing, I’m sorry. – Damn. Looked you dead in the eyes and told you. – I did, I did. But, hey, but!
– Like, “hey, listen.” – I do, I do really dig
the wheels, the Weds, bro, the Kranze, those are fire. It’s a super clean, I mean I guess it’s a super-clean fitment, however, the wing might be excessive. But however, the stance on it is dope. I like it a lot. I mess with the heavy.
– [Gels] Okay, cool. – Okay, all right, so. I like these new Accords a lot. I think they look pretty
dope for what they are. – They do. – I mean, like, back a
few years if you’re like, “I drove a Honda Accord,”
I was like, “Err’ight.” – Now it’s like you tell
me you drive a Honda Accord and it’s like, “Oh, which one?” – “That’s good, is it lowered?” – Yeah
– Better be. But, however, a lot of times I say it, I want to see this car
with some more aero. This, I feel, is not one of
the cars that needs aero. It’s, the body lines. It’s a very smooth-looking car. It’s not a car that
you’d see on the track, or anything like that, so I feel like this giant wing on here just doesn’t do it, it doesn’t look right. It looks off. – If it were like a molded
duck bill or something, carbon trunk, like a lip
or something like that, I think it would look super clean. – Yeah and like, the
splitter isn’t that bad. – [Gels] No, like the side
splitters and stuff like that I can get with. I like that a lot, I think it
adds a good amount to the car. But, I think it’s just
the wing, it just takes- – [Erik] I mean, it really, like, takes it and puts it to another level. – [Dakota] I absolutely love the fitment. Um, I normally like Weds wheels, the face on these ones I’m not the biggest fan of. The sizing is really well
for that aired out fitment, like, it’s pretty spot-on, it looks good. Yeah overall, I like it, I just, personally, I’d lose the big wing. I’m not a fan of a big wing on this car. I think it still can be
pulled off a little bit, they are dying out, but that’s about it. I think I’m ready to rate it. – Yeah, I know he didn’t
have any pictures of it, but he did have some
interior stuff on there. I’d like to see maybe a
couple of pictures of that, ’cause I know interiors
becoming a pretty big thing. You know, you should put just as much time on the inside as you do the outside. Just to kind of like
tie everything together. Um, but yeah you ready to rate it? – Yes.
– All right. One, two, three- – Seven.
– Seven point three. – Did you say seven point three? – I did. – What the hell? – That’s like seven and one third? – Yeah. – So it’s like a- – Where’d you come to that conclusion? (laughing) – It’s like a-
– All right. – All right, seven, I changed my vote, um- – You can’t change. – Yeah, come on, ah- – This kids breaking all the rules. – Alrighty moving on we
have a 2018 Kia Stinger. – Oh I’ve been wantin’ to review these- – [Gels] So this is XZEGT’s- – [Dakota] ’cause they’re weird. Exhibit? – [Gels] Ex-, Ex-, Exec-, Exhibit’s. This is Exhibit’s Kia Stinger. (laughter) So this is on some VMR, V801’s, 19×9.5+25 Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires, on some ARC Performance lowering springs. So, Dakota, I want Erik
to review this first. – You’re an ass. (laughter) I wonder what Exhibit’s driving nowadays. – Oh.
– Oh god. – Yo, so okay, right
off the bat, this one. I prefer more of like, a little bit more of a cleaner fitment, obviously this ones just
on lowering springs, so I mean, it’s probably
got a smooth ride. Um, however, I would like
to see it a little lower. Wheels are dope, though. I like the Stingers, in
general, so, I mean overall, the body lines are super fire,
The hood scoop is super dope. – They always take me so off-guard when I see them in traffic. – [Dakota] Yeah, when you’re driving. – Like, I’ll just be driving
and I’ll be like, you know, “what the f-? That’s
a Kia! What the hell?” – Exactly, like, is that a Jaguar? Ka-Ka-Ka-Kia! – The ass in it looks super nice. I mean obviously, now,
that’s just part of the car but, you know what I mean? – [Gels] Right. – [Erik] Fitment is all right, um, I would like to see it a little lower, however I do get that
the lowering springs, you’re trying to maybe go
for a little bit of comfort or something bro, I get it. – Yeah and I don’t know
what they have in them, like, factory for suspension, so it’s like maybe if they got, like,
the active dampening or something like that. – Ah!
– Yeah not sure if they do. – Yeah I would imagine it would, 20, yeah. – Sometimes people just go
the lowering spring too, just a little more
affordable off the gate. – Yeah, absolutely, yeah. – You know, they just bought
the car and they’re like (beep) I only have like, 400 bucks left. (laughing) – That’s true too so
maybe that I might, yeah. Yeah so I dig it, I dig the
ride, I definitely like it. It’s super clean, um, I
would buy it and rock it, so. – Ooh!
– There it is. – You’d throw a rock at
it, that would be good. – No but I hit it with a rock. (laughing) – Oh, no, no, I’m not throwing no rocks. – That’s (beep) up. All right, so, Kia Stingers. – Stingers.
– How frickin’ weird. I did the same thing the
other day I was driving and I seen one in the
rear view and I’m like, “Damn, what kind of car is that?” – [Gels] I know, it looks so weird. and then it comes up, “(beep)
Kia! (beep) got my ass!” (laughter) They look good- – Made you look (beep).
– For real! I really like these cars,
I’ve never driven one I don’t know, like, how fast
they are or anything like that but, for aesthetics, they look
decent from my perspective. They look pretty damn good. – [Gels] They look angry,
like, they’re an angry car. – [Dakota] Yeah, I must
say, Kia did a good job. I really like, is that
an after market hood? Or do those have hoods like that? – I can’t tell because there’s one that I always see all the time- – It looks carbon. – Around where I live
that it looks like it has a carbon hood, too, and
I don’t know if that’s like, a package that you can get, – Actually- – Or if everyone just swaps it out for- – Yeah, if that is a carbon hood that, wait, stop, wait, wait, wait. I think the wheels look
pretty good on here. Um, they’re kind of like,
a gray, instead of a, like, a full on, like,
gloss black, which I think is cool because
it kind of makes it pop and like, it helps with the accents. For lowering springs, the
right height is pretty good. I also, I’d like to see it a bit lower, some coilovers on it, and I’d like to see a little bit better fit. It doesn’t look bad, especially for being on lowering springs, it looks pretty good. Now this, this is a car
where I could see, some like, Aero on it looking really good. It looks like there is a splitter on it and some side skirts, so that’s cool. I dig it, its subtle. Um, but yeah. – It reminds me a lot of, the hero car from the new “Need For Speed” a lot. – [Dakota] Oh yeah.
– [Gels] Like the yellow one, with like the crazy- – [Erik] Oh yeah at the
beginning, yeah, yeah, yeah. – I think it’s like a Polestar
or something like that but like, it reminds me a lot of that. Its like, there’s a yellow
one, I see all the time. I look at it and, “that’s the
ca-, no its not it’s a Kia.” – It’s not the one, yeah. – Yeah, I like it. – Cool, right. Um, yeah dude, these
cars just, they’re goofy. Like they’re, like, Kia just
like, came out of nowhere and then was like, “Hey,
here’s THIS thing.” – “Hey, we can do this too.” – And everyone is like,
“Yeah, like okay”, and- – They don’t got gerbils
driving them no more, they got, they got, ah, they got hamsters. (laughing) – Oh no, they were hamsters. They got like ah,
– Yeah they were hamsters. – They got like- – What’s an upgraded hamster? – Mongooses.
– Mongooses driving it! I had a Mongoose bike back in the day. – Yeah, me too.
– We’re getting too off track. – My cousin always told
me if I go in the woods a mongoose would get me and I was always terrified of mongeese, mongooses? – Mongice.
– Mongice? – Mongice! (laughing) – Anyway! God dang it, all right, so, overall um- – Mongoose gonna get you! (laughing) – Mongoose gonna get you. So, I like the direction that he’s going, it looks like he’s going for more, like, a subtle, every day, fun car to have. The Michelin Pilot Sport 4S is
a fantastic tire to go with. Either way, lowering springs are never a bad option to go with. I do agree, I would love to
see it just a little bit lower. – [Dakota] 19’s was a good
choice, too, by the way. – 19’s was a perfect choice. I think 19’s- – [Dakota] 19’s look good on there. – 18’s would look a little
too small, 20’s would be kind of pushing it a little bit. Especially, especially if
it wasn’t lowered as much. – I’m almost going to say I think 19’s are starting to be, like,
more popular than 18’s. – Very much so.
– It’s almost like the move. – Cars are getting bigger!
– Yeah. – You know? Cars are getting bigger and
they take a bigger wheel. Honestly, I don’t really have
anything bad to say about- I’d love to see just, you know, obviously, a little more done to it,
but, for starting off, I think it’s going in the right direction. I’d like to see it a little lower, but overall, they’re kinda cool. – Sure.
– All right, ready to rate it? – Yeah. – All right on three. One, two, three- – [Everyone] Eight. – So, moving on we’ve
got a 2017 Nissan 370Z. Now this is CHEEM_Z34’s,
370Z on some Vossen VSF-1’s. – [Dakota] Nice. – [Gels] We got a staggered
set-up here, 20×9.5+20, and then a 20×12+30,
those are some big wheels. – [Dakota] The big old boys on the 370. – [Gels] Michelin Pilot Sport 4S’s, just like our previous car, and then some ST suspension coilovers for another solid choice. So we got some good things going on here. Ah, front fenders are old
rear stock, no spacers. Let me see, we’ve got
our after-market wings, some Braum seats, and a
street aero rear diffuser. Now, Dakota, I will let
you take her away, bud. – Sick. Hell yeah, so, is it just
me or is it weird, like, I feel like I never see Red 370Z’s. – [Erik] Yeah I was
literally going to say that. – [Gels] That’s an odd color, right? – [Dakota] I mean I see
red cars all the time, but for 370’s- – [Gels] It’s kind of like that maroon 350 that they had, too, that like burgundy color? I absolutely love it though. – [Dakota] So this
thing, I really like it. The fitment’s on point, the
Vossens look super good. I think Vossens kind
of an underrated wheel. You don’t see them a ton, but when you see them they’re usually on more, like, luxury cars, and they look, they have a really clean look to them. – [Gels] Vossen loves
those, bigger sizes, too. Like, what are they, a 20x20x12?. – [Dakota] That’s a big old wheel. But it does look really good,
the badge is blacked out, the grill kind of looks
like it’s blacked out. It has some rear spats on it? – [Gels] Yeah I think there
was a diffuser there, too. – [Dakota] Yeah the diffuser, its- – [Gels] I can’t tell, is it a diffuser? Or is it just like some spacer? – [Dakota] Oh no, its a diffuser and it does look good on
there, I really like that. As for the wing, I don’t dislike it, but I think I would like
to see it color-matched, Um, and it would look a lot better. And then, maybe, black
out the door handles, too? As for fitment, looking pretty
good, looks pretty spot-on. You could still do some
aggressive driving and you’re not scraping or rubbing or anything like that. – SC’s are a good choice for that, too. – Looks good, I’d like to see a little bit more action
on the front, maybe? – [Gels] Yeah, just kind
of bring everything around. – [Dakota] Yeah, ’cause that
diffuser’s pretty gnarly so I’d like to see some
stuff to match that, and then, maybe, some
carbon fiber bits, too, and that would be just dandy. – All right, here we go! Going off the top here,
I definitely do like the 20×12’s on the rear, that’s super but a little
bit excessive, but- – You need it, though. – You gotta have it on
those 370’s, they have such, yeah, they’re so wide in the rear. – Yeah, it looks super
fire though, I like it. The fitment overall is super killer. I do dig that he’s done some SD coilovers and I agree with the wing
on there, dude, it’s like, maybe if it was color-matched,
just ’cause it’s so- – [Dakota] Yeah, it looked
like he was going for kind of a blacked-out theme,
blacking out the emblems, and stuff, but, I think
the wing is just too much. – [Erik] It’s kind of like an
abstract looking wing, too. But, anyway, its fitments
super dope, I definitely dig it a lot, I wonder if
he drifts in this thing. Um, I would hope not,
those are expensive wheels. – With the Vossens,
that’d be a ballsy move! – Yeah, that would be a real ballsy move. – Drifting in some 20’s
just, “Reee-eee-eee-eee.” – [Erik] Rear diffusers are
super dope too, as well. Yeah, I’d (beep) with it heavy. I like this one a lot. It’s probably my favorite
out of the whole bunch. – Damn! – All right.
– Lets go! – [Gels] So yeah, just
real quick on this one, I agree with all the points you guys had. I think the 20’s, like,
they’re a big wheel. But I think it pulls it
off, like, not too badly. They don’t look absolutely massive, which, when I saw the size, I was like, “Dang, those are gonna look huge.” But, you know, the
370’s, they’re just like, they pull it off really
well and I think it’s ’cause those back ends are just so tall still. – [Erik] Yeah. – [Gels] Like where it doesn’t come down. But yeah, I agree with the wing. I’d like to see it color matched. I do like the style of
the wing a lot, though. – It’s got, like, a Dyson,
like that Dyson ball where the air goes through it, its like- – Are you comparing it
to a vacuum, brother? (laughing) What the hell? – Are you saying this thing sucks? – I said it was my favorite, I just- – Erik likes Dysons, okay? Just move on! – Its a quality vacuum! – Ready to rate it?
– Yeah, overall the fitments good, I like the the choices
that he’s going with. I’d like to see it in a couple,
y’know, in the near future. Ready to rate it? – Oh yeah.
– All right. One, two, three- – 9
– 8 – 8.5 – Oh nice! (wooing) – Erik said it was his
favorite car of the bunch! – Honestly, this was my
favorite out of the bunch. But listen, there’s still one more. – It’s like the Dyson
vacuum and he has one, he likes those a lot. – Dyson balls. All right, moving on. – You ever see those
Dysons in the bathroom? Like, you like- – [Gels] Why is your
vacuum in the bathroom? – they blow air. No they’re the weirdest
urinals I’ve ever used. – Oh, like the Air Blade things? Yeah those are the we- – Yeah it blows my pee everywhere. – I was thinking urinal, what? Oh (beep). (laughing) – I hate them, anyways. – I hate you. – You guys were just ganging up on me. – Moving on to the last car,
2013, Subaru WRX on some- – Oh gotta have the Subie in there! – good old fashioned NK- – Gotta have the Subie! – RPF1’s, excuse me-
– Oh, this is- – [Gels] 18×9.5+38
– [Dakota] perfect. So this is PLEMONY_FRESH’s Subaru WRX on some BF Goodrich tires, air lift performance, air suspension. This thing is killer dude! I love the fact that he’s
got, like, a meaty set-up. He’s got the 18×9.5’s. He’s got a 265/35 tire, which
is a good size tire for a 9.5, and he’s tucking the whole damn thing. It looks absolutely killer!
– Killer. – Sexy. – The aero’s good, I love
the red badges around. It looks like the headlights have been retro fitted a little bit. – [Dakota] Retro fitted a little bit. – [Gels] Um, dude this
thing looks killer dude. I, I don’t-
– [Dakota] She does look good. You got the corn on the gas tank. Let’s you know that
he’s running some corn. – [Dakota] He must be
putting diesel in it. (laughter) – [Gels] Yeah, I really dig
it, so looks like we don’t, obviously fenders pulled and rolled. Rear’s only rolled, no spacers,
looks like we got some- – Oh he didn’t even have
to pull the rears, damn! – Different front-mount intercooler, some ARP head studs, ’cause Subaru things. – Sounds about right. – HPS blow off valve, CH2 comp clusters, it’s got some good stuff going on here. This thing is really cool. – So, as stereotypical as this thing is, Subie on the ground, RPF1’s, original. – [Gels] Yeah, okay. – [Dakota] Yeah, you see RPF1’s on these things all day long, however, this one showed that you can pull it off, and it can look good. – [Gels] And you can do
it a little different. – [Dakota] I love the meaty
set up that’s tucking and- – [Gels] That really does it for me. – [Dakota] It looks really good! It looks really good and it’s functional. The diffuser and exhaust combo on this looks really frickin’ good, and then the color of the
car is frickin’ amazing. Normally I don’t like
black wheels, either, but these black RPF1’s
look right on this car. It makes it look aggressive. – I think the tire letters
kind of separate it enough. – Sure.
– I don’t know. – I mean, yeah, you lose a little bit of the definition
in the face of the wheel. – But they’re RPF1’s, I mean they’re not. – [Dakota] And if I’m going to nitpick, there is a lot of red going on. You got red on the front bumper, and then red in the grill, then red in the headlights,
red on the tires, red on the center clips,
red on the rear door, like, a little bit much,
I’d tone it back to like one click and it would be good, but I’m not going to nitpick it too much because this thing does
look pretty damn hot. I like it a lot. And as for aero, I think it’s spot on. Don’t add any more, good to go. Inter-cooler painted looks pretty neat. I like the car. – [Gels] She done. (slaps) – Okay, so, starting
with what you guys said with the whole wheel combo,
or wheel set up, there, I’m really big on tuck fitment. I think this is insane at
how meaty this fitment is and how tucked it is. So, kudos to you, that’s super dope. The little, what do you want to call it, head light upgrade, update,
whatever you want to call that, that’s easily- – [Dakota] Yeah, I wouldn’t
call it a demon eye cause that’s just-
– [Gels] No. – [Erik] That’s what I’m saying, it’s not going to look like it. – [Dakota] It looks good. – [Erik] But, it looks
bangin’, it looks fresh. – I should cut those
lines in those eyebrows. – (laughing) Shut up, you are ugly. (laughing) – You’ve been watching too many Tic-Toc’s. – But, to make it real quick,
definitely super clean. Can’t believe the fitment it’s runnin’, honestly, or the set up
it’s runnin’, for this. This guy, apparently smokes, too, bro, ’cause he’s got the rain
guards on there, so ah- – [Dakota] Yeah so you’re
a smoker if you’ve got rain guards. That’s what Gels says. Gel hates them, if you have rain guards on your car Gels hates you. – Um, yeah, super doped-up, very clean, don’t like it more than the 350- – Whoa!
– Whoa! – That was a 370, you dingus! – Oh, I don’t like you- – Now you look like a dingus. – Now you’re a drangus.
– Drangus. – Well, I give up, um.
– Drango. – 4 1/2
– All right, ready to rate it? – Yes. – On three, one, two, three. – Eight.
– Nine. – Cool, so that wraps it up for this episode of “From the Gallery.” Make sure, if you want your car featured in an upcoming episode, to add it. Fitmentindustries.com/add (claps) – There it is.
– Did you just do it? That’s weird. – I was typing it, he opened it up. – And then shoot us an email
at [email protected], subject line, “Review My
Car,” and we’ll get to it. Don’t forget we wheel stars at suspension, fitmentindustries.com Don’t forget to subscribe. I’m Gels. – I’m Dakota. – I’m Erik. – We’ll see you guys later. You just hit the Lambo. (laughs) (beeps) – How many minutes we have
left on that camera mix? – [Cameraman] One.

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  2. fucking finally a modded stinger, theres so much potential in it and i frankly think its ugly stock (from the front and all the bleh wheel choices). I've been doing research in general and dont see too many performance mods for it but considering its a twin turbo v6 only making like 400hp it should take higher horsepower tunes easily. That dude's front lip makes the car look perfect. That shit is a 9/10 for me dawg. 10/10 if it was lower #nogapbois

  3. kia stinger basics if you care lmao, 365hp, twin turbo 3.3L V6 (or 2.0 4 cyl turbo making 255hp) AWD or RWD, really nice interiors, and really nice sounding exhaust on the v6.

  4. sidenote: dope shoutout to the maroon 350z, thats def my favorite stock color for the 350. I saw one right after i bought my g35 and wanted it soo bad

  5. that subie is dope. Never seen a meaty tuck tbh. Lights look like a damn transformer eye. Only thing I would change is maybe some flashier aftermarket more aggressive taillights and im not a fan of windshield and tire stickers but to each its own. Im a whore for a lip spoiler this is another 9/10 for me goddamnit

  6. Thanks for the love guys!
    My stinger looks nothing like that anymore 😂
    On bags and everything so theres better fitment. Ill be sure to update it soon on your page

  7. Real talk, dakoda needs his own spin off. This guy is talented and hilarious. Probably my favorite. I could see him hosting a game show or tv show on cable.

  8. Has anyone ever done a resubmission and changed their car based on FI critiques? If so, i would love to see a redemption segment where u guys feature all the improved cars. Might get a lot of clicks too.

  9. That wrx looks REALLY good! Kindof a clash, idendity crisis if you will lol, of track/show setups but its working for me. Def feelin it 👍

  10. Finally thank you Fitment Industries. It’s not a so you want but I’ll take it for now. If you think this stinger reminds you of the car from nfs heat check my insta at Yellowjacket _stinger it’ll definitely remind you. 😂

  11. Those chrome pieces on the Stinger always looked cheap. Body color, black, or carbon fiber would be mod one if it were me.

  12. Part of the appeal of the Kia Stinger is to be proud of the Korean engineering and design right?

    From the get go, the Kia Stinger seems like something Alfa Romeo, Jaguar, Infiniti, or Maserati would design in order to take on Audi’s and Merc’s; not from the same company that makes the Kia Sportage

  13. I would love to see the guys from Fitment Industries cars 👀 and have us rate them, hahahaha. Loving the videos guys, keep up the awesome work 😎

  14. So you buy a subaru… and put it on rpf1’s so fairly race oriented car righy….. then you put it on air? The lack of commitment dissapoints😂

  15. Haven’t watched the vid yet, but yes I would mod a stinger (gt) And I will in like three years once I’ve saved enough to buy it 🙂

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