Your Negative Voice – Tips – Modify it and Create an Achiever Mindset. #2/10

YOUR NEGATIVE VOICE – TALK BACK TO IT! Negative self-talk is common; everyone does it to some extent. I remember the first time I became aware of it. I’m Julie Silfverberg with Success Partners. There I am on the bus going to college, I’m sitting on the top deck in the front row and I say ‘Oh you idiot you forgot your folder!’ the thing was I said it out loud. I look around
nervously in case anyone thinks I’m mad! Whew no one else close to me, I relax. How successfully you talk back to it
determines how successful you are in life. The negative voice is a little sneaky though,
because it comes in different forms: It’s catastrophising: “If I don’t know all the answers they want,
they won’t be impressed, and I won’t get the job.” Magnifying: “This is so hard, I can’t do it.” Self-punishment: “That was a really stupid thing I did — I’m a fool.” Negative self-talk; Labeling: “I’m old, useless, and ugly.” Self-pressuring: “I should,” “I must,” “I have to.” The first step in countering this negativity
is to be aware of it. Then you can challenge it by asking yourself
“Is that really true?”. Finally, replace it with positive,
supportive self-talk. This will give you a positive self-image
and the confidence to go on with your goal. A useful tool can be to create a list of
your good qualities and accomplishments. How you do this is; each time you
experience your negative self talk ask yourself
‘What is the flip side of that?’ So as an example when I said earlier, “This is so hard, I can’t do it.” Ask yourself what parts are easy?” Or give yourself an example of when you have
succeeded at something hard in the past. Then when negative self-talk rears its
ugly head in your mind it becomes second nature to recall these
thus creating an achiever mindset. That’s all for now til next time This is Julie Silfverberg with Success Partners –
Create your success mindset
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2 thoughts on “Your Negative Voice – Tips – Modify it and Create an Achiever Mindset. #2/10

  1. I'm certainly going to use some of these tips. "which part of this big, hard task are easy for me?" Thanks Julie. Will you post some more?

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