Your second home in Italy?

+ italiano, Nederlands, Français, Português, Español, Deutsch in CC Hey there. We’re getting serious now! I’m
gonna give you an impression about SPEELBERG STUDIOS the way we are now renovating this space. First of all you’re gonna see an artwork in progress that are two beams that used to be the ceiling of another room and… As you can see I knocked out the ceiling. The idea being to create an impressive space of two
levels high. Now… to get the impression right I’m gonna go up where one of you
is going to work as an animator and in return you’re gonna have this space at your disposal. So you come to Italy… You can stay with us for the time it takes
to get you going and then… …we’re gonna continue working on the animation that
we already launched. So, to see what… …this room looks like from the outside, I am giving you a brief impression. And over there is… our promised land of FALCON ARTLANTIS.

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